West Ham bus garage proves low carbon transport is not all about alternative fuels

West Ham bus garage in East London. © Colin Cafferty 2012

WInd powered bus depot

Stagecoach London, is one of many bus companies contracted by Transport for London (TfL) to run its network of bus routes. Based in East London, it’s home to 320 buses making it the largest single bus garage in the UK (and Europe). The 100kW wind turbine, CHP plant, biomass boiler and natural lighting and ventilation has resulted in significant carbon savings. Other features include rainwater harvesting, a green roof that increases biodiversity and reduces surface water run-off that can cause flooding.

London’s red buses are also going green. Hybrid buses, which are powered by both a diesel and an electric motor, reduce local pollutants and carbon emissions by at least 30% compared to conventional buses. Currently there are 300 hybrids on the streets of London with plans to increase this number to 450 buses by March 2013.

Hybrid buses – TfL

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