Energy and landscape in Mayo

County Mayo, my home in the west of Ireland, is rich in natural energy resource and wild landscape. These images form part of an ongoing photo project encompassing wind, wave, peat, gas and grid infrastructure and their relationship with the local landscape and local communities.

Could wind replace bog as a more sustainable energy resource in Mayo? Read my piece for local newspaper, the Western People –

Western People article 11 June 2013

4 thoughts on “Energy and landscape in Mayo

  1. Great article and photos Colin. As a fossil fuel poor country we need to make the most of the resources we have and clearly the one thing that Mayo has in abundance is wind. Hopefully, we can exploit this resource while engaging positively with local communities and preserving the landscape.

  2. “Climate Change Cafe” signifies looking towards the future while embracing the past. Presently, through education, open discussion and respect we can secure changes for the better of our environment and people, Colin we hope you continue to inspire action on this through your work.

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