“Environmental sustainability in Hackney” photo exhibition showed in Hackney Museum from 5th Feb to 23rd Feb 2013 (entry free, all welcome). Opening night 8th Feb 6-7.30pm.

Exhibition at Hackney Museum


In the past, I’ve always found it tempting to cover stories in far-flung corners of the globe, thriving on the sense of adventure as I explore the unknown. But this time, I decided to stay much closer to home and instead focus my attention (and my lens) on environmental sustainability in Hackney. Hackney may have the largest expanse of green space (815 acres) within inner city London but can we take this as a symbol for how green the borough is in general? Hackney, just one of 32 boroughs in London, offers a valuable snapshot of urban sustainability at a more local level. Too often, cities are given credit for their leadership on environmental initiatives whilst neglecting the valuable collective action taken by the many smaller communities that form the backbone of a city.

In attempting to answer my opening question, I decided to concentrate on the positive stories in the borough. In some ways, it would have been easier to take on a photo project that looked at discarded waste on streets, mindless consumerism, draughty old buildings and gas-guzzling cars. There’s any amount of suitable material out there after all. However, I believe that it is equally as important to show the progress that local people and communities are making to “green” Hackney. Not so that we can become complacent and pat ourselves on the back about how great we are doing, but to show what we can achieve and then use this as a blueprint to make Hackney even more environmentally sustainable.

The challenges faced by Hackney are broadly similar to those faced by many other inner city communities – just replace Hackney with “A.N. Other” large European or North American urban community of your choice. The pace of change in many such communities is often relentless and certain neighbourhoods are under huge pressure to continue to develop. It remains to be seen whether this future development is sustainable, not just economically but also socially and environmentally, not just for today but also for tomorrow and future generations to come.

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Hackney Museum – “Environmental sustainability in Hackney” exhibition

Listen to my interview on Ditch, Shoreditch Radio’s arts and culture show, in January 2013 below

Interview with environmental photographer Colin Cafferty about his Hackney exhibition by Nia Charpentier on Mixcloud



Photo exhibition showing at Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedict’s Street, Norfolk from 5th Jan to 2nd Feb 2013. Preview 4th Jan 5-7pm. All welcome.

Tilting at windmills exhibition at Norwich Arts Centre in Jan 2013

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Norwich Arts Centre – “Tilting at windmills” exhibition


“London – on a path towards resilience and sustainability”

University College London (UCL). 5-6 November 2012

London – on a path towards resilience and sustainability

London – on a path towards resilience and sustainability


Tilting at windmills exhibition at Other Cafe & Gallery, Hackney, East London in Sep-Oct 2012


One of my images shown on a BBC2 series in April 2013

One of my images shown on a BBC2 series in April 2013


My radio interview for the Progressive Radio Network PRN.fm in the U.S.

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Jim Menzel-Joseph’s Art of Survival Show – July 8th 2012

Colin Cafferty – 07/08/12

We have a conversation with Colin Cafferty, who recently left the unfolding meltdown of the UK banking world, to create “Climate Change Cafe” to express his deep concern for the unfolding meltdown of our mother planet. With camera in hand, he’s now capturing moments too often unnoticed. His sensitive eye reveals the breath taking wonders of visual experience that are open to us through his work and what the implications are for our own creativity. Our conversation centers on our exploring, reclaiming and resuscitating our own, too often unexplored creative spirit… Read more here – http://artandsurvival.org/audio.html

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